Price Increase Updates

Please see below for price increase letters received from our Manufacturer partners. Click the Manufacturer name to view/download a copy.

Click on the header to sort by column type.

3M 2/1/2019 Up 2.5% on most items 
Allied West Paper Corp. 12/1/2018 Up to 8% on Commercial products & dispensers
BOXit Corporation 1/15/2019 7.5% on all products
Coca-Cola North America 1/1/2019 Up to 4.5% across product categories
Dart Container Corporation 5/1/2018 Increase on PS, Paper & Bagasse
Dart Container Corporation 12/1/2018 8% on varied products in Paper category
Foodhandler 4/1/2019 Total tariff increase (including 10% in 11/2018) is 25% 
Genpak 11/1/2018 10% on multiple categories
Genpak 1/1/2019 15% on Harvest Pro and Harvest Fiber
Go-Green Intl.  11/1/2018 10% on all products
GSW Products* 9/24/2018 10% on all products
HFA Inc. 4/23/2018 8% on multiple categories
Hoffmaster 1/1/2019 8% on certain products
Ken’s Foods 1/15/2019 Increase on all categories
KIK Custom Products 4/1/2019 5-8% per gallon of Germicidal Bleach
KraftHeinz 3/3/2019 Average 0.6% across all product categories
Libbey Glassware 2/16/2019 3.5% across product categories
Lollcup USA, Inc. 9/1/2018 Varied across product categories
Nutri-Bon 5/1/2018
Oak Street Manufacturing 3/11/2019 5% on all products
Pan Pacific 9/24/2018 10% on all products
True Manufacturing 4/1/2019 8-15% depending on product category
Winco 2/1/2019 Average increase of 2.5%
Zenith Specialty Bag Co. 1/1/2019 3-5% across product categories

Increase letters will be displayed for one calendar year from Effective Date.
*Increase letter not available.

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