Let us help your business grow!

Viele & Sons cares about the success of our customers, especially in the difficult economy of today. Please take advantage of the services we offer below to streamline your business, grow your sales, and remain competitive in today’s market.

Restaurant MVP

As your independent foodservice distributor our focus is YOU! However, food purchases only represent about 1/3 of the expenses for an average restaurant. Viele & Sons has partnered with RESTAURANT MVP, with the intention of providing our customers ways to help reduce costs, increase sales and improve operations.

In addition, they make your job easier, more productive and have a proven return on investment. They take the time to understand your needs and share our our focus – YOU!

Some services they assist with:

  • Stronger Sales
    • Boost your sales with custom menus, email marketing and social media!
  • Improved Bottom Line
    • Save more money by reducing your costs with menu analysis and loyalty programs!
  • Effective Operations
    • Providing consulting solutions for profitability, marketing and more!

For more information on how Restaurant MVP can serve your business, please contact them directly at 844-280-2686 and mention that you are a customer of Viele & Sons.

Viele & Sons, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee the efficacy or appropriateness of the products and/or services provided by Restaurant MVP for use by a Viele & Sons customer. You should evaluate the Restaurant MVPs products and/or services to determine its suitability for your particular business requirements.

Market News

Here are some links to popular websites that highlight noteworthy topics in the food industry:

California Restaurant Association

National Restaurant Association

Nation’s Restaurant News

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