Price Change Letters

Please see below for price change letters received from our Manufacturer partners. Click the Manufacturer name to view/download a copy.

BOXit Corporation2022-11-01Pricing structure increase on shipment costs
BriteVision2023-03-134.5% increase on all printed items
BUNN2023-01-01~3% increase on all products
Conagra2023-03-15Various increase depending on product line
Diamond Wipes2023-01-305.6% increase on all items
Inline Plastics2022-11-1510% DECREASE on all PET products
Keurig Dr Pepper2023-01-01Price increase on all fountain syrups
KraftHeinz2022-10-153-15% increase depending on product category
KraftHeinz2023-04-15Ketchup and Tomato Product increase
KraftHeinz2023-05-15Ketchup increase
KraftHeinz2023-07-01Processed cheese increase
KraftHeinz2023-07-15Ketchup, BBQ Sauce and other increases
KraftHeinz2023-08-01Processed cheese increase
KraftHeinz2023-09-01Processed cheese increase
KraftHeinz2023-10-15Several product line increases (condiments, BBQ Sauces, dressings, etc.)
Lee Kum Kee2023-03-31Increase on selected items
Mondelez Intl2022-12-05Varied increase on many product categories
RedGold2023-07-01Tomato product increases and discontinued
Rediform Inc.2023-01-014-6% increase depending on product category
Royal Paper2022-10-03Up to 10% increase on several product categories
Ventura Foods2022-12-01Price increase and decrease listed on specific product lines
Winco2023-02-018% surcharge removed and price adjustments of -20% – +4% on various products

Increase letters will be displayed for one calendar year from Effective Date.
*Increase letter not available.

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