Price Change Letters

Please see below for price change letters received from our Manufacturer partners. Click the Manufacturer name to view/download a copy.

Allied West Paper Corp.2022-01-01Average 7% increase on all paper and dispenser products
Allied West Paper Corp.2022-04-01At least 12% increase on all items
Amhil North America2021-10-0114% on all products
Amhil North America2022-02-0110% increase on PET and 5% increase on PP products
Amscan2021-10-01Blended 5% increase overall
Amscan2022-01-013% increase on several tableware items
Anchor Packaging2021-11-0810% increase on all rigid, flexible and equipment brands
Anchor Packaging2022-01-0110% increase on all products
Anchor Packaging2022-05-205% increase on all equipment brands
Anchor Packaging2022-07-2512% increase on all PET product lines
Berry Global2021-12-2010% increase on several product categories
BK Resources2022-06-015% increase on some product lines
Box Express Mfg.2022-03-1415% increase on all products
BOXit Corporation2022-05-1614% increase on all products
BriteVision2021-12-1510% increase on all products
Brown Paper Goods2022-01-019% increase on all items
Brown Paper Goods2022-04-018% increase on all items
Brown Paper Goods2022-08-018% increase on all items
BUNN2022-01-01Average 3.5% increase on all products/services
BUNN2022-05-16Varied increase based on product category and type
California Paper Bag, Inc.2021-10-016% increase on all paper bag products
California Paper Bag, Inc.2021-11-018% increase on all paper bags
Cappuccine2022-07-12Price increase on all items
Chemcor Chemical Corporation.2022-05-02Increase on most products
Coca-Cola North America2022-01-01Pricing updates to postmix syrups
D&W Fine Pack2022-01-018% increase on all aluminum products
D&W Fine Pack2022-04-0111% increase on aluminum and 18% on PET products
Dart Container Corporation2021-10-016-25% depending on product line
Dart Container Corporation2021-11-018-14% increase across several product lines
Dart Container Corporation2021-12-018% increase on all products except bagasse
Dart Container Corporation2022-01-016% increase on all products
Dart Container Corporation2022-02-016% increase on all Paper and PET products
Dart Container Corporation2022-03-156% increase on all paper and bagasse products
Dart Container Corporation2022-04-155% increase on all products
Dart Container Corporation2022-06-016% increase on many product lines
DHG, Inc.2021-11-294-15% increase depending on product category
Diamond/Starco/Luseaux Chemical2021-10-29$0.05 increase per pound on all powdered detergents
Diamond/Starco/Luseaux Chemical2021-12-017% increase on all products
Diamond Crystal2021-11-01Increase on select items
Diamond Straw, Inc.2022-01-157% increase on all products
Diamond Straw, Inc.2022-07-057% increase on all items
Direct Pack2021-11-2914% increase on all products
Direct Pack2022-04-0412% increase on Bottlebox, PET and PP products
Eatery Essentials2022-05-015.5% increase on PET, 10% on paper and 3% on PLA products
ekaterra2022-03-14Up to 10% increase depending on product
EMI Yoshi2022-03-0120% increase on Dome Lids & PET products, 12% increase on all other products
Enjay Converters2021-12-016-13% increase depending on product
Everest Refrigeration2022-03-019% increase on all equipment and parts
Everson Spice Co.2022-03-16Increase on all items
Fabri-Kal2021-10-0110% increase on PP, PET/APET & PS/HIPS products
Fabri-Kal2021-11-1520% increase on all products
Fabri-Kal2021-12-018% increase on all PP, PS, Fiber and PET products
Fabri-Kal2022-01-016% increase on several product lines
Fabri-Kal2022-04-018% increase on all fiber products
Fabri-Kal2022-04-155% increase on all products
Fineline Settings2021-10-256% increase on all products
Gared Graphics2022-04-046% increase on several grades of cardboard
General Mills2021-12-15Minimum 7% increase across multiple categories
General Mills2022-05-01Varied price increase
General Mills2022-09-01Varied increase on several products
Genpak2021-10-1812% increase on molded fiber and 6% increase on PS, PET & paper souffle/paper cone cups
Genpak2021-12-018-14% increase depending on product line
Genpak2022-05-025% increase on all products
Georgia Pacific2022-08-018-23% increase depending on product type
Graphic Packaging International2022-06-018% increase on many categories
HFA2021-10-1812-15% increase across product categories
HFA2022-01-018-10% increase depending on product category
HFA2022-03-2810-15% increase depending on product category
Hoffmaster2022-04-018% increase on several product lines
Hoffmaster2022-05-016-9.5% increase depending on product category
Hoffmaster2022-06-016-9% increase depending on category
Idahoan Foods2022-06-01Approximately 5% increase depending on product
Imex Vision2021-11-018% increase on all products
Inline Plastics2022-04-018% increase on all PET products
Inline Plastics2022-08-0112% increase on all PET products
International Paper2022-04-0112% increase on all bags and sacks
Karat by Lollicup2022-02-145-15% increase depending on product category
Kari-Out2021-10-018% increase on plastic soup cups and reusable containers
Kari-Out2021-11-0110-25% increase depending on product category
Kari-Out2021-11-225-25% increase depending on product category
Kari-Out2022-06-2010% increase on foil sandwich wrap
KIK2022-02-01Up to 16% increase depending on product type
KIK2022-06-15Varied increase based on product type
KraftHeinz Foodservice2022-10-153-15% increase depending on product category
Krowne2021-11-011-8% increase depending on item
Krowne2022-02-01Average 2-8% increase
Krowne2022-06-012-8% increase depending on item
LK Packaging2022-04-01Average 5.4% increase on all products
Louisiana Fish Fry Products2022-01-0112% increase on most products
Max Packaging2022-01-1710% increase on most products
Mondelez Intl2022-01-03Varied increase depending on product category
Mondelez Intl2022-05-02Varied increase per product line
Mother Parkers2022-01-01Increase varies depending on product type
Mother Parkers2022-07-01Varied increase on all products
Mrs. Klein’s Pickle Co.2022-08-05Price increase retraction
NCCO2021-10-016-8% increase depending on product category
NCCO2022-04-017% average increase on most product lines
NCCO2022-10-01Average price increase of 7% on several product lines
Neil Jones Food Company2021-10-01Various fee increases
Nestle Professional2022-05-15Increase based on product line
Novolex (Duro, Bagcraft, etc.)2021-12Virgin white paper shortage notification
Novolex (Duro, Bagcraft, etc.)2022-02-285-15% increase depending on product category
Nutri-Bon Distribution Company2021-12-01Increase on all products
Omcan2021-11-01Increase on imported items
Pacific Coast Supplies2021-12-0110% increase on all products
Pacific Coast Supplies2022-05-3010% increase on all products
Pactiv2021-11-0120% increase on all products
Pactiv2021-11-018% increase on all PVC products
Pactiv2022-04-155% increase on all products
Papercutters2021-11-156-14% depending on product category
Papercutters2022-03-155-15% depending on product category
Paterson Paper2021-10-048% increase on all items
Paterson Paper2022-01-03Average 9% increase on all products
Paterson Paper2022-04-04Up to 9% increase on all product lines
Paterson Paper2022-07-05At least 8% increase on all items
Placon2022-05-0210% increase on all PET products
Red Gold2022-02-158-23% increase depending on product category
Royal Paper (AmerCare)2021-12-0115% increase on all products (excluding gloves)
Royal Paper Converting2022-05-09At least 12% increase on all products
Royalty Distribution2022-01-0310-20% increase on select items
Santa Ana Packaging2022-06-1310% increase on all paperboard products
SC Johnson Professional2022-07-16Staggered increase on several product categories
Sol-pak, Inc.2022-02-0718% increase on all plastic products
Sol-pak, Inc.2022-05-099% increase on all plastic products
Sol-Pak, Inc.2022-08-0116% increase on all OPS plastic products
Southwest Glassware (Libbey Glassware)2022-06-15Average 4.5% increase on Libbey Glassware, World Tableware Brand,
Syracuse, etc.
SQP2021-11-225-25% increase depending on product category
SQP2021-12Demand and allocation update
Stewart Sutherland, Inc.2021-10-048% increase on all items
Teh Tung Corporation2021-10-1510% increase on most products
TTM (Thermosource Tooling & Manufacturing)2021-11-0810% increase on all items
TTM (Thermosource Tooling & Manufacturing)2022-01-0610% increase on all products
Unilever Food Solutions2022-02-15Increase on multiple product lines
Unilever Food Solutions2022-08-15Increase on multiple product lines
Ventura Foods2022-07-01Increase on many product lines
Waddington North America (WNA/Polar Pak)2022-08-018% on all PS products
Walsh Paper Distribution, Inc.2022-03-157.9% increase on all paper products
Western Plastics2022-03-2110% increase on foil rolls, pop up sheets, containers and lids
Winco2021-11-14Temporary surcharge increased to 14%
Winco2022-03-01Increase on all items for 6-12 months
Winco2022-08-018% surcharge reduction
W Packaging2021-11-01Increase on all products
W Packaging2022-03-1514% increase on all products

Increase letters will be displayed for one calendar year from Effective Date.
*Increase letter not available.

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