Price Change Letters

Please see below for price change letters received from our Manufacturer partners. Click the Manufacturer name to view/download a copy.

Admiral Craft2020-04-017.5%-25% increase across all product categories.
Accurate Companies/Advantage Chemical2021-04-155% increase on all Advantage line products
Amhil North America2021-01-158% increase on PS, PP & PET products
Amhil North America2021-03-018% increase on all PS & PP products
Amhil North America2021-03-258-15% depending on product category
AMMEX2021-01-04Varies depending on market
Anchor Packaging2020-08-247% increase on polypropylene products
Anchor Packaging2020-09-078% increase on all PVC products
Anchor Packaging2020-11-166% increase on all PP and PET products
Anchor Packaging2021-01-048% increase on all PP products
Anchor Packaging2021-02-2212% increase on all PP products
Anchor Packaging2021-03-1515% increase on PP, 8% o PET and 8% on PVC film products
Aviva Plastics2021-01-018% increase on all PP items
Aviva Plastics2021-03-0111% increase on all PP items
Berry Global2020-09-018% increase on several product lines
Berry Global2021-04-0510% increase on Can Liners, Food Bags, Table Covers, Aprons, Bibs, Poly Boots and Poly Gloves
Better Earth2021-03-23Increase on all bamboo items
Brown Paper Goods2021-03-016% increase on all items
California Paper Bag, Inc.2020-12-218% increase on plain paper bags.
13% increase on foil, printed and customer orders, effective 11/17/2020
Chemcor Chemical Corporation2021-04-018% increase on all products
Coca-Cola North America2021-01-01Varied across product categories
Cougar Paper2020-11-055% increase across on all product lines
Cougar Paper2021-04-017% increase on all products
Custom Culinary2020-11-15Increase of 4-4.5% on all products
D&W Fine Pack2020-10-018% increase on all PP Plastic products
D&W Fine Pack2020-12-018% PET and 4% PS increase
D&W Fine Pack2021-01-015% across all product categories
D&W Fine Pack2021-03-0120% increase on PP products and 5% increase on PS products
Dart Container Corporation2020-09-018% on paper dinnerware and PS products
Dart Container Corporation2020-10-018% increase on polypropylene products
Dart Container Corporation2021-01-045-11% increase depending on product category
Dart Container Corporation2021-02-158% increase on PP, Bagasse & PS products
Dart Container Corporation2021-03-013-6% increase depending on product line
Dart Container Corporation2021-03-1514% increase on all PP products
Dart Container Corporation2021-04-156-12% depending on product category
Diamond Crystal2020-05-04Increase on select items
Diamond Crystal2020-11-02Increase on select items
Diamond Straw, Inc.2021-02-156.9% increase on all products
Diamond Straw, Inc.2021-05-035% increase on all products
Direct Pack2020-11-014-8% increase depending on product category
Dr Pepper2021-01-01Varied across product categories
Eatery Essentials2021-05-019% increase on all products
EMI Yoshi2021-02-0111% increase on all products
Fabri-Kal2020-09-018% increase on polystyrene products
Fabri-Kal2021-04-0120% increase on all PP and 8% increase on all PS products
Fineline Settings2021-02-1511% increase on all items
Gared Graphics2021-02-015% increase on all SBS and poly grade products
General Mills2021-02-159% increase on Progresso Bread Crumbs
General Mills2021-02-158.9% increase on granola-based snacks and 7.6% increase on single serve cereal
Genpak2020-09-018% increase on all PS (Polystyrene) products
Genpak2021-02-018% increase on all product lines
Genpak2021-03-153-12% increase depending on product line
Genpak2021-04-1212% increase on all PP products
Genpak2021-05-0312% increase on all PS products
GFF Inc./Girard's Food Service Dressings2021-06-01Up to 5% increase on all items
Global Tableware Solutions, Inc.2021-01-184-8% increase depending on product category
Global Tableware Solutions, Inc.2021-04-124-12% increase depending on product category
Graphic Packaging International2021-02-013-11% increase depending on product category
Heidens Inc.2020-10-155% increase on all soups
HFA2020-10-198-10% increase across multiple product lines
HFA2020-12-018-10% across product categories
**date adjusted from 10-19-2020
HFA2021-04-2610% increase on several product categories
Hoffmaster2021-03-057% increase on all products
Imex Vision2020-11-207-15% increase on all products
Inline Plastics2021-01-018% increase on all PET products
International Paper2020-11-0110-12% increase depending on product category
International Paper2021-03-2910% increase on all bags, sacks and handle sacks
Karat by Lollicup2020-09-153% increase across many product categories
Karat by Lollicup2021-01-015% or more increase depending on item
Kari-Out2021-01-018% increase on all handle shopping bags
Kari-Out2021-02-1111% increase on all Polypropylene products
Kari-Out2021-03-293-17% increase depending on product category
Kari-Out2021-04-2610% increase on several product categories
LeeKumKee2021-01-01Increase on select items
LK Packaging2020-10-01Up to 5% increase across all product lines
LK Packaging2021-02-22Average 6% increase on all stock items
LK Packaging2021-04-12Average increase of 8% on all items
Max Packaging2020-09-28Up to 10% on all products
Mondelez Intl2021-03-01Varied among cookie/cracker product lines
Mondelez Intl2021-04-016.5-11.7% DECREASE on several Oreo items
Nestle Professional2021-02-153% increase across all categories
Nutri-Bon Distribution Company2021-07-01Estimated increase
Pactiv2020-09-018% increase across multiple product lines
Papercutters2020-12-234-10% increase depending on product category
Papercutters2021-04-016-12% increase depending on product
Par-Way Tryson Company2021-03-01Increase on all products
Paterson Paper2020-12-115% increase across all products
Paterson Paper2021-04-19Up to 6% increase on selected product lines
Placon2020-12-013% increase on all products
Placon2021-01-155-8% increase per product line
Placon2021-03-0112% increase on PP, and 8 % on PET, HDPE and LLDPE products
Placon2021-04-0120% increase on PP, and 10 % on HDPE and LLDPE products
Prime Time Packaging2020-10-0110% on all products
RedGold2020-11-15Varied across product categories
RedGold2021-02-01Varied across product lines
Santa Ana Packaging2020-11-028% increase on several products
Santa Ana Packaging2021-04-057% increase on all items
SC Johnson 2020-09-01Increase average of 3.5% on skin care product line
Smuckers2021-01-04Increase on select PC and bulk items
Sol-Pak Inc.2020-11-027% increase on all products
Sugar Foods2020-04-15Increase on select items.
The Terminal 78, LLC/EarthPak2021-04-018% increase on all plastic and 10% increase on all paper products
Triple H Food Processors2021-02-158-14% increase depending on product
TTM (Thermosource Tooling & Manufacturing)2020-10-018% increase on all products
TTM (Thermosource Tooling & Manufacturing)2021-03-157% increase on all items
Unilever Food Solutions2021-07-013-11.8% increase depending on product line
Walsh Paper Distribution, Inc.2021-04-267.8% increase on paper/parchment products
Wesco Enterprises, Inc.2021-03-014% increase on all product lines
WinCup2021-01-117-10% increase depending on category

Increase letters will be displayed for one calendar year from Effective Date.
*Increase letter not available.

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